Sylvia Toy

I am an actor trained as a visual artist.
I create video art/microcinema that crosses genre into nonlinear narrative and I make performance art movies.
I was a professional actor and playwright for 17 years.
I founded Jump! Theatre Company in 2005.

I am a senior black female making art
and putting it all up in your face.
That's political.

VOICE: A Presence from Sylvia Toy on Vimeo.

Series exploring the experience of hearing a voice inside my head since childhood. Currently, I am creating the paradigms of the world of VOICE

The Universe of VOICE:

1. Vibrating colors - bright colors that “hurt the eyes”
2. A “tunnel” effect - like a seizure (during which you feel like you can’t control your body); like migraine prodrome (during which your head feels like it’s being squeezed, kneaded, shaped and reshaped); like anxiety (during which it feels like you’re being sucked by horrible gravity through a tube that’s too tight)
3. A watery prism - continously fluid, oozing distortion of your environment (i.e., you’re crossing a room to get to a chair and you’re not sure that it will still be there when you get to where it is)
4. A definite sense of place - where you are frozen in time, but not in space; where you cannot sense any boundaries and think if you can’t stop moving you will fall off the edge
5. Bottomlessness - like falling out of bed in endless downward propulsio

Production Update

Sylviatoyindustries: Current Projects

1. The Blue Lady (location scouting).
2. 2226.
4. Dermalian.

In a sense, I have been working on 2226 all my life. It’s not just write-what-I-know because my Dayjob has mostly been in the legal field for 35 years. In the backstory of 2226 are all the expectations and sacrifices of the parents and the coddling by the teachers who raise people who…

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Blogging a Movie: VOICE

Blogging a Movie: VOICE

New series exploring the experience of hearing a voice inside my head since childhood. Currently, I am creating the paradigms of the world of VOICE, which will help me make clearer images, themes and story. In order to show this “universe” I have to create a concrete set of references. Like in science fiction, there’s rules that you…

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… the Rose will always Bloom from Maria Korporal on Vimeo.

… the Rose will always Bloom
a video by Maria Korporal

* (per il testo in italiano scrollare in basso)

In this fourth and last video of the project Korporal Labyrinth, the artist performs a ritual on the beach of Hoek van Holland, the place where the waters of the large river area, where she and her mother were born and grew up, flow into the sea. The artist tears the petals out of a big rose – a rose that will revive in the following scenes, out of a rosebud nipple via a labyrinth of light into a Rose of Jericho, which blooms again and transforms itself into a leaf. A leaf which has been found by the artist’s brother, two weeks after the death of their mother, with her initials R S (Rinie Slieker) incised by an insect. While the artist whispers the bible text about love from 1 Corinthians 13, a text her mother read to her when she was young, the lines on the leaf are filled with blood and the words popping up in her mind are written down.

starring: Astrid Astra Indricane and Maria (Felix) Korporal
locations: the beach of Hoek van Holland, the artist’s studio and the regions of her mind
beach sound recording: ©
video, sound design and all other artwork: Maria Korporal

Korporal Labyrinth is an account of a visceral journey in different stadia, expressed in four short videos. The artist’s drawing of the labyrinth was the starting point for the project, together with a bunch of footage taken mainly from July to October 2013. This is a very important period in the artist’s life, in which two women play the lead role: her mother Ariena (“Rinie”) and her new lover Astrid – a life which has come to an end, and a life which has taken a new start.
In her Korporal Labyrinth, the artist explores several ways of walking through the labyrinth – there is no absolute truth, every possibility is worth trying and leads to new experiences and points of view.
The first three videos in the series can be seen on the special channel

In questo quarto e ultimo episodio del progetto Korporal Labyrinth, l’artista compie un rituale sulla spiaggia di Hoek van Holland, il posto dove le acque dei grandi fiumi del delta del Reno, dove lei e sua madre sono nate e cresciute, fluiscono nel mare. L’artista strappa i petali di una grande rosa - una rosa che rinascerà nelle scene seguenti, da un capezzolo bocciolo di rosa attraverso un labirinto di luce, in una rosa di Gerico, che fiorisce di nuovo e si trasforma in una foglia. Una foglia che è stato trovata dal fratello dell’artista, due settimane dopo la morte della loro madre, con le sue iniziali RS (Rinie Slieker) incise da un insetto. Mentre l’artista sussurra il testo biblico sull’Amore da 1 Corinzi 13, un testo la madre lesse a lei quando era giovane, le linee sulla foglia si riempiono di sangue e formano le parole che le vengono in mente.

cast: Astrid Astra Indricane e Maria (Felix) Korporal
locations: la spiaggia di Hoek van Holland, lo studio dell’artista e le regioni della sua anima
registrazione audio del mare: ©
video, sound design and tutto l’altro art work: Maria Korporal

Korporal Labyrinth è un racconto di un viaggio viscerale in diversi stadi, espresso in quattro brevi video. Il punto di partenza per il progetto è stato un disegno dell’artista di un labirinto, insieme con una serie di filmati ripresi principalmente da luglio a ottobre 2013. Questo è un periodo molto importante nella vita dell’artista, in cui due donne svolgono il ruolo di protagonista: sua madre Ariena (“Rinie”), morta nell’ottobre 2013, e la sua nuova amante Astrid - una vita che è giunta al termine, e una vita che ha preso un nuovo inizio.
Nel suo Korporal Labyrinth, l’artista esplora diversi modi di camminare attraverso il labirinto - non esiste una verità assoluta, ogni possibilità vale la pena di provare e porta a nuove esperienze e punti di vista.
I primi tre video della serie si possono vedere sul canale dedicato

Telepathy from Lyndon Lorenz on Vimeo.

William Shatner and Cesar Romero are teamed up over a churning bed sample from Emerson Lake & Palmer’s “Tarkus” on Telepathy, the relentlessly churning techno track from Lyndon Lorenz, masquerading here for Vimeo viewers under the pen name of Lyn Faber.

Telepathy provides an excellent source of media overload, and was first kicked oldskool on a Fostex X-30 multitrack cassette recorder, with sampling done through a Casio SK-5, and drum enforcement by a Yamaha RY-10.

The video clips were scaffed off a CD-based collection of copyright-free TV outtakes. The audio narration samples are from Star Trek “The Menagerie”, and an old film on paranormal phenomena, “Exploring The Unknown”, so individual copyrights are the properties of their respective owners. Everything was assembled on an iMac DVD-SE running Avid Videoshop.

Pamela Z BADAGADA Sussex University (11/7/2013) from Pamela Z on Vimeo.

Pamela Z performs “Badagada” for voice, live processing, and voice samples triggered with a gesture controller. This was part of a noontime concert in the “Meeting House” on the campus of Sussex University in Brighton, UK. The performance was lit by sunlight from all sides filtering through the multi-colored block windows that surround the cylindrical venue.