Sylvia Toy

I am an actor trained as a visual artist.
I create video art/microcinema that crosses genre into nonlinear narrative and I make performance art movies.
I was a professional actor and playwright for 17 years.
I founded Jump! Theatre Company in 2005.

I am a senior black female making art
and putting it all up in your face.
That's political.

IndieReign - Indigo Lady

Please check out my movie and the brave, wonderful people whose improvisation created this story - Sapna Gandhi, Steve Lewis, Nicholas Jackson, Nidal Yousef, Rebecca Longworth, Nima Nejad and Diana Slampyak.

Lucy, the First Human

She is living in the past on Indie Reign. Thanks for watching!

TYFTB (thank you from the bottom)

Lives! and is live on Indie Reign. Thanks for watching!

YO DECIDO. EL TREN DE LA LIBERTAD from Yo Decido El Tren de la Libertad on Vimeo.

“YO DECIDO. EL TREN DE LA LIBERTAD” es una película documental que parte de la decisión de un grupo de mujeres cineastas y de los medios audiovisuales españolas de rodar colectivamente la manifestación “El Tren de la Libertad” que tuvo lugar en Madrid el día 1 de Febrero de 2014.

Por iniciativa de un pequeño grupo feminista de Gijón, “Les Comadres” y “ Las Mujeres por la igualdad de Barredos” miles de personas partieron ese día de distintas ciudades españolas y europeas para confluir en Madrid, donde se manifestaron por la libertad de las mujeres a decidir y contra la reforma de la actual Ley del aborto. La película documenta ese momento histórico y el proceso para llegar hasta allí.

Ha sido realizada por un colectivo diverso de personas, en su gran mayoria mujeres cineastas y de los medios audiovisuales, junto con algunas asociaciones, productoras y empresas del sector, todas ellas agrupados bajo el nombre de “Colectivo de Mujeres Cineastas Contra la Reforma de la Ley del Aborto”.

The Blue Lady STORYBOARD: Elizabeth’s Farewell to Massa (rehearsal) from Sylvia Toy on Vimeo.

[ This movie can be watched by all audiences and there is no nudity. - Sylvia Toy ]

"The Blue Lady." It is a period piece that happens over the course of a day. The movie will be naturally lit with daylight, candles and oil lamps. The sets are simple interiors with minimal furniture. The art direction of this movie was inspired by 17th & 18th century Northern European painters and Ingmar Bergman’s "Cries & Whispers."

The Blue Lady is a story is about what happened the day Master died and the relationship between two slaves in 1830 South Carolina, LaLi, Elizabeth, and The Master’s wife, their mistress, Missy. This is a revisionist tale about slavery from a female point of view.

The target date for completion of the storyboard & script, August 31, 2014.

The target date for completion of production, October 31, 2014. Michael Lewis will be co-producer and cinematographer. Target date for release, December 31, 2014.