Sylvia Toy

I am a lifelong artist.

I am listed in the African American Visual Artists Database. (

I was a professional actor and playwright for 17 years.
I founded Jump! Theatre Company in 2005.
I have been a performance artist for 22 years.

I never go out the door without a video camera.

I make performance art movies.

Dear SEO Pros

Please stop trying to sell me your services to promote this blog. I have been doing publicity for so long that I remember having to hand deliver press releases for theater productions because some publications would not accept faxes or email. I do not believe that you can get me word of mouth.

It is not rocket science that there is more than one Sylvia Toy trying to get exposure on the Web. The…

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I have been taking care of my sick husband and my sick self for over a week – first his…

Sylvia Toy -The Blue Lady DAWN-Prologue 3

Elizabeth, The Blue Lady

I have been taking care of my sick husband and my sick self for over a week – first his version of the virus and then mine 5 days later. During the days that it has been all over by the time I took a bath, I have been working on my web presence – that includes my LinkedIn page, from which I think I finally deleted any trace of “paralegal.” I even made a pdf of theater…

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What should I be doing?

What should I be doing?

Today, down for the count due to a virus, I spent this morning doing SEO and stats analysis. This afternoon, I am wondering whether I should have found some way to make my eBook “Writing While Manic,” a video instead of a book. I’m not nearly the most viral artist on the Web and I never expected to be, but clearly, my writer is lagging way behind my moving picture artist.

Book - Writing While…

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Absent Voices/ Every Memory from Alastair Cook on Vimeo.

Every Memory is the sixth in a series of six Filmpoems commissioned by Alastair Cook for Absent Voices, a group focused on the celebration of the vast and semi-derelict Greenock Sugar Sheds.

Every Memory is by poet Sheree Mack; the other poets in the series are John Glenday, Brian Johnstone, Gérard Rudolf, Jane McKie and Vicki Feaver.

This series was screened at Body Electric in Colorado and Filmpoem Festival in Scotland; the series of six was performed live at the Scottish Poetry Library, a review is here:

Game Over from Gioacchino Petronicce on Vimeo.

Finalist at the Young Director Award in Video Art.

For more pleasure, if you don’t have good speakers, use Headphones!

This is an Independent short film made for Pix’ n Love Editions.
I thought this movie as a visual and sound experiment guided by the rhythm which imposes the sound to the pictures.
Everything goes always faster quite as we change television channels.
The challenge was to create the rhythm with static shot.

We don’t have to forget what we liked in past.

I hope you like it…

Sounds recorded with a zoom H4N, and fostex Fr2-le and 2 x shoeps.
Shot on 7D.

Many thanks to :
Pix’n Love, Marin Queyraud, Emilie Bonin, Gilles Marc, Antoine Domanec, Nicolas Gruber, Lucile Lhermitte, Julie Arabeyre, Gilles Larroze, Leo et Ja Gualino, Olivier Obame, Guy La tannerie, Lucie, Bernard, Elsa Masseron…

Directed by Gioacchino Petronicce.
HD, STEREO, 1:34

The Day is Gone from Lacey Hawkinson on Vimeo.

Based on the diary entries and photographs of the women on the frontier, this film is about a lonely and isolated woman, driven to madness by the ceaselessly blowing wind.

Eine Katze hat sieben Leben from Maria Korporal on Vimeo.

Eine Katze hat sieben Leben - ein Video von Maria Korporal
Digitale Animation mit Sound
Dauer: 7’32”
Jahr: 2008
Bilder, Animation und Ton: © Maria Korporal
Gedicht: Gia Dao (779-843)

Gewinner des BazzanoPoesia Prize 2010

Das Video ist in den folgenden Sprachen verfügbar: Italienisch, Englisch und Deutsch

Alte und neue Fotos, gescannte Materialien wie Seil, in Plexiglas Gravuren, Film, Blätter: Das Video basiert auf einer Reihe von digitalen Fotomontagen aus mehreren Elementen zusammensetzt basiert. Die Bilder werden bearbeitet mit verschiedenen digitalen Animationstechniken.
Die Bewegung der Bilder und Töne vermittelt einen Eindruck von Intimität und innere Erfahrung gegenüber dem Vergehen der Zeit und der Außenwelt. Persönliche Geschichte zu einer kollektiven Geschichte, ein Thema, das der Künstler mit wurde im Jahr 2006 behandelt, in der Fotoinstallation Timelines. In dem Video “Eine Katze hat sieben Leben” hat sie das Thema in mehr Tiefe entwickelt.

Die sieben Leben der Katze folgen einander in einer zeitlichen Linie, und jedes Leben ist mit Glocken oder Trommeln angekündigt. Das siebte Leben ist der längste Teil des Films und ist das Geheimnis der Suche nach dem Eremiten, dh: die spirituelle Suche. Der Einsiedler wird nicht gefunden: das Erhabene bleibt unerreichbar. Das Video endet mit den berühmten Versen des taoistischen Dichter Gia Dao (779-843):

“Unter den Kiefern fragte ich den Knaben.
Er sagt: Der Meister ging zum Kräutersammeln fort.
Muß hier, in diesen Bergen sein –
Die Wolken sind so tief, weiß nicht den Ort.”

Die bereitgestellten Informationen ist der Junge in jedem Vers verschwommen: die Bezeichnung des Weges, durch eine tiefe Erfahrung der Natur, auf insgesamt spirituellen Loslösung.

A Cat Has Seven Lives from Maria Korporal on Vimeo.

A Cat Has Seven Lives – a video by Maria Korporal
Digital animation with sound
images, animation and sound: © Maria Korporal
poem: Chia Tao (779-843)

The video has won the premio BazzanoPoesia 2010

Available in Italian, English and German

The starting point for the video was a series of digital photomontages composed of several elements: old and new photographs, scanned materials like ropes, perspex engravings, film, leafs. With various digital animation techniques these “prime materials” have been processed into a dynamical sequence of images and sounds, in which the seven lives of the cat follow each other in a temporal line. Introduced by the sounds of bells or drums, each life presents a new dimension: an inner experience of time juxtaposed against the external course of things, one of the artist’s favourite subjects.
The seventh life is the longest part of the movie and is entitled: “Looking for the Hermit and Not Finding Him”, a very common theme in classic Chinese poetry, usually describing a spirit-journey. In the imaginary landscape in Maria Korporal’s video, the female figure, walking on and off stage, could be the artist in her never ending search for the sublime, but it could also represent the hermit gathering, too busy to pay us any mind.
The video closes with the famous lines by Taoist poet Chia Tao (779-843):

Under a pine I asked his pupil
Who said: “Master’s gone gathering balm
Only somewhere about the mountain:
The cloud’s so thick that I don’t know where.”

As Arthur Cooper writes in his edition Li Po and Tu Fu, in these kind of poems the hermit gives his “teaching without words” by letting the poet wait and not even meet him. His lesson may be compared with that of Ludwig Wittgenstein’s statement in Philosophical Investigations: “Don’t think: look!”.

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